Meet our Amazon Pros

Meirav Shwartz Vites


After a decade in corporate marketing positions, Meirav followed her passion for helping businesses reach buyers across the globe.

She founded Wise Commerce to put her result-driven approach to work for her clients and is constantly motivated by her wish to see them succeed.

Evgeni Berezin

Account Manager

Evgeni is a seasoned Amazon expert that combines years of business experience with an in-depth understanding of the Amazon Platform.

He pours the knowledge he gained from building and selling his own Amazon brand into providing end to end service for our clients and helping them drive results.

Irene Aggabao

Catalog Specialist

Irene is a master of addressing all the infinite details that go into Amazon Growth.

She monitors and keeps our Clients` Seller Accounts in perfect condition.

Merav Saltzman

Advertising Manager

The experience Merav gained in corporate marketing and building her own Amazon brand, made her an expert on the ins and outs of Amazon’s Advertising Platform.

As a highly result driven and analytical advertising pro, she is always searching for ways to improve our clients` CTRs and ROAS/ACOS.

Midori Orlain

Advertising Associate

With a passion for marketing and infinite attention to detail, Midori meticulously monitors our clients’ Amazon campaigns.

She makes sure seller accounts perform to their utmost profitability at all times.