How to Hack Your Way to A+ Premium Content

Please note: Premium A+ Content eligibility has changed from September 1, 2023 and we are therefore adding this new information to our previously published article.
The new requirements for Premium A+ Content usage eligibility as of September 1, 2023, include the following:
Brand Story module published on all your Brand Owned ASINs.
Five approved A+ Content projects in the last 12 months.
Once your brand is eligible and enrolled, you’ll see a banner notification in your A+ Content Manager.

The Amazon marketplace is a complex ecosystem where sellers need to optimize every aspect of their product listings to drive successful sales. Amazon’s A+ and A+ Premium content are powerful tools that help sellers showcase their products. Leveraging these features effectively can increase your sales performance. But, gaining access to the advanced features of A+ Premium can seem out of reach for many sellers. Follow the instructions bellow to unlock it for your brand completely free.

The Benefits of the A+ and A+ Premium Modules

Amazon’s A+ and A+ Premium Content serve as tools for enhancing your listings and improving your conversion rates, by providing more information in a graphic and engaging form. A+ Content allows Brand Registry sellers and vendors to create enriched product pages with different content types, including comparison charts and larger images.
This enhances the customer experience and, according to Amazon, can potentially increase sales by up to 8%.

A+ Premium Content offers an advanced level of customization with features like carousel modules, interactive comparison charts, images with hotspots, and most importantly, full-width videos. With these elements, listings become more eye-catching and stand out to the ever-scrolling potential buyers. These dynamic and immersive features not only boost customer engagement but also drive sales conversions.

Both modules can play a crucial role in establishing a strong brand presence on Amazon, offering sellers a competitive edge in the market.

Example of an A+ Module by Contigo

How to Become Eligible for A+ Premium?

There are two conditions to be eligible for A+ Premium on Amazon:

  1. Amazon Brand Registry: sellers need to have a professional selling account and be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. To enroll, you must have a pending or registered text or image-based trademark in the country where you wish to sell. Once approved, sellers gain the ability to create Enhanced Product Descriptions and A+ Brand Story content.
  2. Amazon Brand Story: a second requirement to gain access to A+ Premium Content is to have the Amazon Brand Story published and active on all your ASINs. The Amazon Brand Story is a carousel display with pre-formatted cards that link to other products and your Amazon brand store. It’s a compelling way to connect your listings and create a cohesive brand narrative, and a necessary stepping stone on your way to accessing Amazon Premium A+ Content.

Example of a brand story by Sense

The Secret Strategy to Unlock A+ Premium

The third requirement for unlocking A+ Premium, is simple and yet many sellers are not aware of it. Surprisingly, by having 15 approved changes to your A+ Content, you can unlock the powerhouse that is A+ Premium. Even small edits count towards these changes. For example, you could tweak the image captions, replace an image, or update a product’s feature description. You could even add and remove seasonal holiday banners, replace the order of elements or make tiny edits in punctuation. The changes need to be made within one year, but as small changes apply, you can qualify for the A+ Premium models today.

Example of A+ Premium model from Bose

The advantages of A+ Premium are too good to pass up—from enhancing the customer experience and boosting conversion rates, to building brand loyalty and improving SEO rankings. And the beauty is, accessing these benefits could be as simple as making 15 minor edits to your A+ content over the course of a year. As an Amazon seller, embracing this strategy can put you on th. And if you’re in need of guidance to effectively navigate this process, Wise Commerce is ready to help, expertly managing listings and optimizing content for our clients.

Welcome to the era of A+ Premium!

Ready to elevate your Amazon listings? We at Wise Commerce are here to guide you every step of the way. We can help you leverage these powerful tools to their full potential, ensuring your listings stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to discuss your business’s potential:


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